Nerd Ferguson's "Where any nerd can feel at home"

Do you love that feeling when you have a brand new game in your hands?

How about the rush that comes once you have beaten it?

Have you stood in line, all night, just to see the premier of your favorite movie, or so you could buy the next book in your favorite series, and then go home and read the entire book?

Did you cry when Dumbledore died?

Do you wish you could become one of the Doctor's companions?

Then Nerd Ferguson's is the place for you!! We are located  in the Mackinaw City Crossings in Mackinaw City, Michigan.  

Current Hours:

Open Daily: Sunday-Thursday: 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday: 10am-8pm

We are currently working very hard to get out website updated, so you can experience Nerd heaven, from the comfort of your home. Please check back often!!